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What do Palm Springs and The Angle have in common?

I was fortunate to spend a week in the desert for my dear friend's birthday in mid-February. It was Modernism Week in Palm Springs, and we paid our monies to tour compounds, neighborhoods, art galleries and even private homes looking at a wide variety of midcentury modern architecture, design, art, and fashion. We even dressed the part as best we could, posing in the neo-retro kitchens above aspic molds or next to but not touching the seventy-year-old mint condition Cadillacs.

Photo by Liz Larsen

The aesthetic was of course a far cry different than what I see in Northern Minnesota lake country. The sleek minimalism and bright colors presented almost a garish beauty compared to our buffalo plaid country cabins. And still, I came away from the simple modernism and sexy, streamlined shapes absolutely invigorated and inspired.

Touring the lovingly renovated and maintained homes inspired the idea to honor Cabin 9 in much the same way. It was my dear friend Liz's idea to give it a more befitting name to honor the founder's - my grandparents. And as I wrote in a previous post, we'll call it the Founder's Cabin from now on.

Photo by Liz Larsen

Some other pieces of inspiration stemming in part from the trip include:

  • Moving some of the more authentic furniture, lamps, etc. over to the Founder's Cabin to better showcase the craftsmanship all in one location.

  • Host Open House tours of the Founder's Cabin this summer.

  • Invite a representative from the Minnesota Historical Society

Photo by Liz Larsen
  • Invite Log Cabin press, aficianoados, or the like.

  • Start plans for a Stumble-Upon Sculpture Garden walking trail inviting local Minnesotan and Midwest artists to display their art

Staying in an AirB&B also provided inspiration on a more basic level. I would like to:

  • Provide nice shampoo, conditioner, soaps and lotions for guests

  • Make sure each room has a mirror and shelf or vanity of sorts

  • Ensure each bedroom has a surface for guests to organize their belongings.

  • Put maps of the lake in each cabin

  • Include a wall clipboard or bulletin with resort info, weekly happenings, owner contact info, area things to do, etc.

  • Luggage racks made from logs and recycled seat belts

  • More outdoor seating / hangout areas

  • Moth wing mural photo opp spot on the fish cleaning house

  • "Singing frogs" for the lodge - saw these at a street fair "Village Fest" in downtown Palm Springs

For just the briefest of moments, Palm Springs and The Angle had Me in common. I used the warmth of the desert, the power of place, and the bonds of friendship to help fill my nearly depleted bucket. This exhausted mom needed time with adults, conversation, culture and fashion, and food prepared without a five-year-old in mind. Honestly, I had no idea this trip would inspire me work-wise the way it did. It was a wonderful time. I flew home excited and ready to get back to my deep-country resort life.

Photo by Liz Larsen

Thank you for reading. I'm very glad you're here.


- Kellie

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It was so lovely to celebrate and enjoy Palm Springs with you!


The best thing I take away from travelling is to bring bits and pieces of those places back home with me. The ideas you mentioned are great! You are doing a very nice job of keeping the natural and unique aspects of Prothero's Post, while adding your flair and special touches! Keep it up!

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