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The Famous & Amazing Grace Prothero

Updated: Mar 2

Grandma Grace has had quite a publicity run this past year!

  • First there was the NPR interview on Minnesota Now.

  • Then, a front page spread (behind a paywall) written by The Grand Forks Herald's Brad Dokken, that also appeared in the Duluth News Tribune and reportedly made TV coverage in Fargo and the Twin Cities.

  • There was the congratulatory message from Explore MN Tourism executive director Lauren Bennett McGinty (that I wove into a recap video of her retirement party).

And most recently, her stories were published in a short letter in the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer - the January/February issue.

Last summer before she moved to town, Grandma Grace said she'd always wanted to write in and tell them about her white lady slipper photo and a bald eagle story. She gave me the details, I wordsmithed it, and then we sent it in via both snail mail and email.

Many months went by, and Grandma Grace was certain we had written too much and they would either edit it down to nothing or reject it altogether. But then, there in the January/February issue our words appeared in full.

It tickled us both to see the letter in print, and in the weeks following, several calls came in from folks curious about the NW Angle and the resort. It even resulted in one new booking, which was a completely unexpected gift. Grandma Grace continues to have such an amazing impact on the resort and The Angle as a whole. I wonder if she has any idea.

Thank you for reading. I'm very glad you're here.


- Kellie

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1 Comment

We really enjoyed reading Grace Prothero's letter in the Consercation Volunteer issue January/February 2024! What a special place Protheto's Post is! Thank you for featuring this in your blog and sharing Grace's observations at the Northwest Angle!

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