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About Us

Surrounded by Canada on three sides, the Northwest Angle is the most northerly point in the contiguous United States. Prothero’s Post, a 60-year old log cabin resort that is truly at the end of the road, embodies the peaceful solitude and quiet mystery of this out of the way location. The resort has been modernized over the years while still maintaining the essence of Lake of the Woods, the Northwest Angle, and its host Grace Prothero and the late Dale Prothero.

Some locals have called it the most beautiful resort at the Angle, and guests would seem to agree. About 95% of the resort’s business is repeat business. Several groups have been returning for decades, bringing their children and now grandchildren and great grandchildren to enjoy Prothero’s Post and the beauty of Lake of the Woods.


Custom Furniture Design

Here before there was even a road, Dale and Grace, with four generations of family by their side, have painstakingly cared for the resort over the years, building each cabin and nearly all of the furnishings by hand over the course of several decades. The most recent addition is a cozy log lodge situated right on the inlet. With fireplace, hand-crafted log furniture, a gift and snack shop, the lodge fronts the firepit and looks out on the docks, boat launch and the waterfront veranda. Grace, together with guests often create impromptu potluck fish fry’s, complete with family music and marshmallow roasts.

Lake of the Woods has over a million acres of inviting water, studded with more than 14,000 islands, and is filled with a fisherman’s bounty of muskie, sauger, bass, and walleye. The area is home to plentiful wildlife as well. Whether you’re coming to fish, bird watch, or just get away from it all and relax, Prothero’s Post is an excellent choice for your Lake of the Woods adventure.

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