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Founders Update and Founder's Cabin

Updated: Mar 2

How's Grandma Grace doing?

Funny you should ask...we were just in for a cheeseburger lunch with her this week. I hope when I'm 91, I'm still unabashedly craving a decent burger and eating it with gusto.

There are a few local family members in the area still: my Auntie Kay, my brother Ward and me. Between the three of us, we have seen Grandma back and forth to her various appointments for the cochlear implant device she received last fall. She swears it's not working very well and then proceeds to carry on a normal conversation for the two-hour car ride.

Honestly, she's doing great. She looks healthy, and if you visit on Wednesday or Thursday, she's sporting Hollywood-worthy hair, which she has set once a week in the onsite beauty parlor of her apartment complex in Roseau.


Founder's Cabin

Speaking of "Founders", I've decided on the name for one very important cabin - you may remember my silly cabin naming debate from the Fall Update.

"Cabin 9" is the home that Grandpa Dale and Grandma Grace built for their family. But using the numbering they started with Cabin 1, calling it Cabin 9 would imply it was the last finished. It was actually the second cabin built. And it is a showpiece in its own right. To honor them, we'll call it the Founder's Cabin. If our store can be labeled "practically a museum" as one Google reviewer said, then the Founder's Cabin truly is. The carvings by Huston Lockwood, the diamond willow banister, the quaint and cozy built-in's everywhere make it a true piece of Angle history. It deserves a place of honor.


Along those veins, we'll be hosting an Open House on Saturday, June 15 and again during The Angle's Buoy Bash taking place Labor Day weekend. We'll offer tours of the Founder's Cabin to allow guests and community members a glimpse into the incredible details that make it so special. I've asked Grandma Grace to come home to help host and we may just have to throw another community fish fry to top it all off. More details to come, and please join us.

Thank you for reading. I'm very glad you're here.


- Kellie

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1 Comment

What a wonderful idea to name Dale and Grace's home the Founder's Cabin! When we stayed at Prothero's Post a month ago, we disvovered there are plenty of neat and special features in Cabin 8! We can't wait to see the Founder's Cabin when you have the open house!!

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